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A bar should not be about, who designed it, who owns it, or where it is located, but it should be about the people that drink in it, party in it, and spend there leisure time being SOCIAL...

Step off the main street and you feel as if you’ve stepped into a New York establishment. Couples nuzzle in the dim privacy of the high-backed booths to your right, and groups of friends propped on bar stools laugh over exotic cocktails at the towering bar to your left. 64th & Social is sumptuous and comfortable, with bare brick and a back bar full to over flowing with some of the best spirits why need to go anywhere else.

During the week, the music is a mish-mash of styles…

During the week, the music is a mish-mash of styles, you’ll hear Jack Johnson one night and jazz the next. Thursday nights we host the Bacardi Live Lounge with our house band blurting out all our favourite covers with a very strong following singing along. On Fridays and Saturdays the DJ turns up the energy with sets of soulful house music, Breaks, Funk and Nu-Disco classics... don't forget the odd bit of cheese